Philip McCracken

Philip McCracken

"I embrace influences.  I find a part of me all over the place.  That's what makes an artist: putting things together in a new way." -- Philip McCracken

"Phil McCracken (b. 1928 in Bellingham, Washington) is an American visual artist, who works mainly in sculpture. He graduated from the University of Washington in 1953, having interrupted his studies to serve as an army reservist for the Korean War. He then studied for a time under Henry Moore in England. He now lives on Guemes Island.

His work contains much nature imagery, is generally representational, and displays a strong focus on visual form.His work has been exhibited on Coast to Coast AM, at the Smithsonian Institution, the Chicago Art Institute, and the Museum of Northwest Art."


photo credit on insert: Mary Randlett

Three Owls | 13" x 15" x 5" | carved plum wood

Scarabs | 4" x 9" x 4" | Juniper and Gold Leag | 1985