Leo Kenney

Leo Kenney

"The painter Leo Kenney, born in Spokane, came with his family to Seattle in the 1930s. Seattle Art Museum director Dr. Richard Fuller gave him a solo show at the museum in 1949 -- when he was just 24 -- and he remains one of the youngest artists ever to have received this recognition. He experimented with mescaline in 1962, and his artwork changed to represent the art for which he is best known: psychedelic circle paintings that he considered representations of nature. This biography of Leo Kenney is reprinted from Deloris Tarzan Ament's Iridescent Light: The Emergence of Northwest Art (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2002). Note: All unattributed quotations are from Deloris Tarzan Ament's interview with Leo Kenny on February 17, 1999."

-- HistoryLink.org

Flight Over Red Cloud | 27" x 35" | gouache on paper | 1975

Figures in Landscape | 14" x 19" | Gouache | 1945

Edge of Devotion (Bodega Bay) | 12" x 16" | Oil on Canvas | 1961