Joseph Goldberg

Joseph Goldberg

Joseph Goldberg is considered one of the most important and original artists of our time.  His paintings are included in the permanent collections of the Seattle Art Museum, American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York, the Brooklyn Art Museum, and numerous other museums, corporate and private collections.

After completing his studies at the University of Washington, Joseph Goldberg embraced a reductive painting style, rejecting heavily textured, visceral gestures. He was one of the first Northwest Artists to embrace this aesthetic. Because of his interest in natural forms and his tendency to paint objects suspended in an ethereal, endless ground, Goldberg is often considered an heir to the iconic Northwest painters Mark Tobey (1890-1976) and Morris Graves (1910-2001). His technical mastery of encaustic painting and his unusually independent development as an artist also serve as hallmarks of his career.


Goldberg has been using the encaustic painting technique since the early 1970's.  Encaustic painting has its roots in antiquity and was later refined by the Greeks.  The process involves the mixing of pigments with molten beeswax and their application to canvas or linen.

Goldberg has achieved mastery over this complex process, by manipulating the medium he is able to produce subtle effects, cracks, fissures and patterning, which enriches the surface texture.  Goldberg's subtle textures are matched by his delicate use of color.  Reflecting the colors of the Eastern Washington landscape where he currently resides.

Pillars | 32" x 24" | encaustic on linen over board | 1983

Leaf | 31.25" x 25.5" | encaustic on linen over board | 1991

Superspace | 55" x 48" | encaustic on linen over board | 1987

Fireweed | 30" x 24" | encaustic on linen over board | c. 1990

Ghost Town | 48" x 60" | encaustic on linen over board | 1988

Pillars of Dust | 34" x 39" | encaustic on linen | 1997

Inside Wall | 24" x 32" | encaustic on linen | 1997

Magnet | 40" x 34" | encaustic on linen over board | 1995

Veil | 24" x 22" | Encaustic on Linen | 1995

String of Distance | 24" x 30" | Encaustic on Linen | 1995

Spinner | 30" x 24" | Encaustic on Linen | 1994