Helmi Juvonen

Helmi Juvonen

Helmi Juvonen was preoccupied with human culture.  Her art dealt with the objects made by cultures; with the symbols and the sign systems of cultures, and occasionally with the creators themselves. 

In her most vigorous and complex period of work, around the 1950's, she wove the "categories" of creator, symbol, and object into a continuum.  Likewise, she interwove allusions to various world cultures with the practice of different genres of art. 

Her own relation to human culture was highly integrated into the artistic modernism and humanist internationalism characteristic of the avant garde of her time; but, conversely, her relation to culture was extremely marginal in personal and practical ways.

--excerpt by Martha Kingsbury

Owl Family | 22" x 17" | gouache on paper | c. 1955

White Lite | 37" x 27" | Mixed Media | c. 1955