Eustace P. Ziegler

Eustace P. Ziegler

Eustace Paul Ziegler (1881 – 1969)In Seattle, Ziegler became a well-known, influential figure in the art community. He was a founder and first president of the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters, and he won numerous awards in Northwest art exhibitions. He completed important commissions for institutions ranging from the Washington State Press Club, Seattle Post-Intelligencer , and St. James Cathedral in Seattle.

Eustace Ziegler’s powerful, original vision of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest as a place of individual and collective achievement is a compelling one, and his work is widely collected and admired. It is well represented in private, corporate, and museum collections not just in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, but throughout the nation and beyond. A major retrospective exhibition of his work was organized in 1998 by the Anchorage Museum of History and Art and the Morris Museum of Art and was shown in museums in Alaska, Washington, and Georgia.

Ship at Sea | 12" x 14" | Etching

Fording the Sustina River Above Talkeetana, Alaska | 27" x 23" | oil on canvas board | 1967

Doxie and Basil | 29.5" x 41" | oil on canvas | 1961 - Sold

Nude | 23" x 18.75" | watercolor on paper

The Pioneers | 21"x 24.75" | oil on canvas board | - Sold

Horses at Mount McKinley | 28" x 33.5" | oil on board | - Sold

Portrait of an Eskimo, Lower Kuskokwim | 21" x 18" | oil on board