Maria Frank Abrams

Maria Frank Abrams

“It is the landscape surrounding us that gives me inspiration, visual stimulus; it has been the source of my work.  From the changing seasons flow continual variations of color, light and shape.  Nature is always perfect; my task is to transform the original inspiration into my vision of nature.  A new world independent of anything else must be created in the picture plane.”  -Maria Frank Abrams

Maria Frank Abrams was born in Hungary.  She began drawing at an early age.  During World War II, her life was forever changed.  Maria, her parents and other members of her family were deported to Auschwitz.  As she stood by the side of the train with her arm around her mother, a selection officer came and pushed her away.  It would be the last time she would see her family.   She alone had survived, losing 23 close relatives. 

Maria came to the United States in 1948 to study art at the University of Washington.  She graduated with honors three years later.  After graduation she received immediate recognition for her work and was invited to be associated with the Otto Seligman Gallery, an opportunity facilitated by Mark Tobey, who was one of the very first to collect her artwork.

Throughout the years, she has received numerous awards, appeared in invitational and juried exhibitions at Seattle Art Museum, San Francisco Museum of Art, Denver Art Museum, Oakland Municipal Art Museum, among others.  She has designed sets and costumes for the opera “The Dybbuk” which premiered in the Seattle Center Playhouse in 1962 and she designed the sets for Seattle Opera’s production of  “La Traviata” in 1963.  She received critical acclaim for both of these.  She has been included twice in the Governor’s Invitational Exhibition (1966 and 1975), which traveled to Kobe, Japan and throughout the State of Washington.

Her artwork is in the permanent collections of the Seattle Art Museum, the Wadsworth Athaeneum, Hartford CT, the Arts Complex, Duxbury, MA, the Art Museum of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, as well as, several corporate and private collections.


Red Carnations | 41" x 55" | Oil on Canvas

After Winter Storm | 48" x 54" | Oil on Canvas | 1986

Coppice | 34" x 22" | Casein on Paper | 1969

Green and Blue | 40" x 42" | Oil on Canvas | 1984

Moon and Streetlight | 32" x 36" | Oil on Canvas | 1954